Your current state of mind determines the quality of your day. Often everyone is driven by their current mental state, but no one tries to maintain a happy state of mind. Instead of the circumstances driving our mind, we need to train our mind to be composed and detached.

I have learned this word somewhere “Demotional” which means detached from emotions. One has to practice being practical most of the time. It is very easy to make emotion-based decisions in life. But let me be also practical by saying it is not easy to leave emotions aside all the time, the least you can do is change your focus and self-talk, it does help.

A mind is software that needs to be programmed in a certain manner, the more you run the program the more you become better at it. Being able to practice a state of mind is an achievement in itself and perfecting it makes you the master of your mind.

I have come across people who are so composed that their reaction is very neutral even when extremely happy or extremely sad, I just find them consuming the emotion and dealing with it. Such people are able to channelize themselves and focus on whatever they want to at any given point, just because they are not driven by their minds.

I have most of the time taken my bad mood as an excuse for not being able to focus on work and therefore let the day pass without any productivity. Now sometimes it is essential for you to feel the emotion you are dealing with but most of the time even if you know you can overcome that low feeling by changing your focus, you still want to lean on your bad mood to have a break from the routine.

It is only you who can decide what is more important, you can either immerse yourself with millions of excuses, feeling why are things not going the way you want them to or just find one reason to ensure you do whatever it takes to have things moving for you. No one has escaped bad situations in life, but what you think and do on your bad days will determine how much your bad days will last.

Optimism is knowing that everything happens for good, and strength lies in facing everything despite all the odds. Life otherwise is a beautiful piece of art, you will not know what the picture looks like till you draw your last stroke.

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