Everyone is full of expressions. You express, react, emote and that’s how you are different from other living beings. You can convey so much better with the way you modulate your voice. Each one of you has a communicating style and somewhere that also defines a part of a person’s nature.

But what you actually don’t do is you don’t listen to what you speak. Yes, I just said that. You only reply to respond not to convey what you feel.

Let me explain: When you respond it is basis your initial reaction and when you convey, it’s more of a thoughtful reply. You may not want to respond the way you actually wanted to convey what you thought. And that’s when you’re in for an “uncalled for tiff”.

Ever imagined what a tone of your voice can do to a situation or a relation. When you are in an argument, invariably the tone in your voice goes a couple of notches up, and that’s not good for a conversation. Because you not only go far from closure in the conversation, but also tend to spoil the mood of both involved. And most of the time once you are through with the argument, both of you regret the entire conversation. Few may also forget the reason for the fight. But the problem here is, words spoken and voice raised cannot be taken back, because the damage is already done.

Practicing not to react in the spur of the moment is the key to avoid such situations. Whenever your brain is ready to have your first reaction voiced, wait a couple of seconds before you speak. Your tone will be much controlled when you make yourself aware of your speech. The same sentence can mean differently if it’s modulated well.

A simple sentence like: “Get me a glass of water”, can mean different if you voice it differently. It can either sound like an order or a request. You don’t sometimes notice the way you speak and when you find someone upset on you for no reason you are not able to identify the underlying cause. And that’s why watching the way you speak is definitely something you should monitor.

We have the power to destroy something and at the same time mend something with the way we convey our words in our speech and the tone in our voice. A calm tone can be understood universally, and believe me even criticism will be taken right when the tone of your voice is moderate and well managed.

Today practice the tone in your voice and see the remarkable difference it has on others.

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