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Do you control your thoughts or your thoughts control you (read that again) People are full of emotions some know how to emote and some make a failed attempt to control them.

However most of the time everyone seems more flummoxed on how one needs to react to a particular situation or how one can be in control of themselves.

Firstly, understand that, be it good or bad emotion both are meant to be felt. Not necessarily one needs to react to them, but one needs to be definitely aware of how certain things make them feel. Second of all, however tempting it may be, one should not react at that moment. Thirdly one needs to be aware of the time that one spends thinking. If you are affected by something of course you would take your time getting out of it but, it is also equally important to not be swayed completely and not being aware of the unnecessary time that you spend immersed in the thought.

Change your focus as soon as you can and find your favorite task to work on, doing what you like will change the way you feel. If you observe your routine carefully, you will notice that the days you had a happy feeling from the time you woke up were the days that went well and the day something made your mood miserable at the very start of the day, that day surprisingly everything went literally opposite of what you wanted it to be. There is no surprise to this actually, this happens because the energy within and around you reflects; happy will always attract happy, and otherwise.

You therefore always like to be around people who have happy energy, no one likes to be around people who always complain or who always have that negative vibe going on.

Ensure that you are the one who is in control of your thoughts and your responses, change the way you feel and you will see things change around you…

We are blessed to be able to understand and deliver emotions, unlike other living beings. Let’s appreciate the fact that this is so much better than not being able to express at all. #happylife

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