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Somethings are better said and some are better left unsaid

All of us carry a lot of thoughts in our minds, these also include judgments of other people and situations. Often, we wonder how would it be if we confide in someone or share our perspective of an instance with the actual person to whom it needs to be addressed. However, we are left perplexed whether to confess or not just because we are scared about the repercussion of the disclosure.

Situations land us into moments where we don’t know whether to talk our minds or just be diplomatic so that the person listening to us doesn’t feel bad. We do realize what words can do and therefore most of the time we tamper our thoughts and choose the right set of words just because we need to behave civilized or we do not want to create a swirl of heated conversations and majorly protect the relationship.

Most of the time it is always best to not reply at the spur of the moment, and talk about it when everything settles so that there can be a mature discussion that can lead to a favorable outcome.

As much as it is important to speak your mind and get it out of your system, sometimes keeping quiet and completely ignoring what you had to say would be a better option. This happens when you know if you spoke your mind you may spoil your relation with the person. Also, this needs to be weighed in particular, even before you utter any words. Firstly, understand what is more important, the person or the situation, sometimes you don’t need a right or wrong.

However, when you choose to keep quiet, you need to ensure to drop the entire thought so that it does not affect you or your future conversations. Because this may unknowingly change your behavior towards that person.

Work on yourself to be able to rise above everything else and always look at everything around you as is, without any baggage of the past and without any filter in your eyes.

Understand that people are more important than situations, but also know that you have a choice of choosing your self-respect over someone’s behavior, and that line can only be drawn by you.

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