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Silence Has More Words Than An Actual Conversation Would Ever Have

Being silent doesn’t define the weakness of a person, it rather says a lot about the person’s patience. Most of them tend to talk a lot when it comes to emoting or putting across something, however, if you notice, sometimes an otherwise talkative person may just go quiet to avoid conflicts.

Sometimes being quiet not only helps to avoid unfavourable responses but also gives you time to think before you speak. Because, when you react instantly, you may sometimes regret certain words spoken which is too late to be taken back.

Some people when they go silent appear strangely dangerous because they really cook a response and get back with multi-fold energy.

Never underestimate the power of silence. It has the power to avoid the worst but at the same time, it has the power to create a swirl of thoughts in the minds of others.

For me, Silence is all about expression. I am silent when I am not comfortable with the company. I am silent when I don’t want to utter words that may hurt others. I am silent when I am thinking deeply. I am silent when I am listening and observing things and people around me. I am silent when words fall short for me to express, I am silent when I want to express hurt or love.

I tend to stay silent at significant moments. Though, I am yet to explore what goes into my head when I am completely silent, suddenly in the midst of a conversation, which again I will figure out when I am focusing on myself / meditating in silence.

It’s amazing what being quiet can do to you. Learning to enjoy your silence as much as you enjoy conversations can raise a level of intellect in you.

I have replaced Words of Wisdom with, Space of Silence.. (well that’s original)

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