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Power Of Decision Making

Well, I call it a power of decision-making because it is definitely a POWER that we possess. One doesn't realize the impact that a decision could make in our life. We all keep making small and big decisions every day, which unknowingly may bring about a major change or shift in our lives.

Today, whatever we are and wherever we are is the result of the decisions that we’ve made over the period of time, these decisions may have compelled us to make necessary changes in our life, where some changes were swiftly made and some really took time for us to absorb into our routine.

Whatever the decisions maybe it is we who have to make them. However, our external environment tends to influence our decision-making, and therefore, we are flummoxed as to what needs to be done.

I have always in such situations, weighed down all the thoughts that creep in due to the external environment and mostly go according to what my gut says. I have witnessed that laying down pros and cons helps to take a calculative decision. But, I have come to a conclusion that most of my decisions are based on how I feel at that point in time, whatever my gut feeling says I take that leap of faith. Trust me, it hasn’t failed me.

Also, I feel the only reason one becomes indecisive is due to the fear of results.

Never think about the results, as results can change because efforts are under our control.

We all at some point have to take decisions, they may be right or wrong, none are so godly that can always take or gauge if the decision is right. One should arrive at a decision and make it right. It’s our life, after all, let’s be responsible enough to take our decisions and be ready to get on with the consequences coming our way.

For most of them, wrong decisions have been a major learning curve. And it has been these wrong decisions why people have always appreciated the right ones.

It is very important to take responsibility, ownership, and control of our lives. Our life will not always be the way we plan, as much as it sounds scary, it gives us an edge of adventure to enjoy. It’s simply the way we look at it.

Sometimes we Succeed and other times we Learn…

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