Photo by Christin Lue Unsplash

It is very important to be very clear about everything that you do, perceive or plan to achieve. Without clarity moving ahead becomes baseless. Would you ever leave your house without knowing why are you stepping out? Or would you call for food without knowing what you want to order? You wouldn’t right! Then why do we lead our lives without having clarity of thoughts? Did you ever think about it?

Often, we go by our day just finishing our daily work and get lost in our routines for days and weeks together not knowing where are we heading towards. Our respective careers do that with us, for months together we are following targets and goals of our organizations without working on our own goals.

Or let me put it this way, our organization goals somewhere become our goals and our way of life, there is nothing left to do for ourselves because there is no time left.

Time and again we need to look at ourselves and our progress; financial and career progress is not the only growth prospects to focus on. You need to add to your learning every single day. Work on your focus areas, take time to follow your passion, spend time with yourself, take care of your health, spend time with family, and, most of all work on what you want.

Spend time to think and write what you exactly want in life, what makes you happy, and work on the betterment of the quality of your life, rather than just leading it like driftwood.

Knowing what you want is a power everyone should have, so you can direct your life as you want and not depend on situations to change.

Change yourself and you will see situations change which will further change the results. Take control of your life well in advance, because no one else will do that for you.

Of course, life is unpredictable, but being in control of yourself will teach you a lot about yourself and will help you manage situations that come your way. #happylife

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