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Habits That Are Underrated

It takes ages for us to cultivate habits and these habits further to become our way of life. However, there are few habits that have been important in our heads but highly devalued when it comes to implementing these in our routine.

Here goes…

1. Having time for yourself: In the rush of your daily work that you have to go by, one forgets to have time for self. “I don’t have enough time” is the phrase that is commonly used by most. Though I think one does not realize the importance of giving time to self. By giving time I mean pausing your routine to see what is your day’s plan or maybe checking on how has your day been. Make time for yourself either at the start of your day or at the end of the day. Depending on the time you decide, ensure this time as an opportunity to just be by yourself and think about what you feel. Because unless you feel happy about what you do or have been doing you will not enjoy the process of reaching where you want to be. Also, this space can be utilized to just know about yourself more and let yourself be in your control. If you and your thoughts are in control you will have better control of your day.

2. Your To-Do list: This really sounds like a cliché but a to-do list is a must-have. This list is so underrated that even if one wants to decide to start making it, one would think I can remember everything. I think a to-do list is more of a self note so that one gets a sense of direction for the day and knows what are the tasks one needs to accomplish during the day. It’s amazing how satisfying it is to tick done against a task when you get through with them one at a time.

3. Being surrounded by people you love: It’s amazing how your company can change your energy. It’s highly important to be around people who think good about you and for you. It helps you have a good vibe. The best part is when you work or spend most of the time with such a crowd your growth aspects just rise muti-fold. You are just in the right mindset and are open and encouraged to do well. If you check yourself, your mood is directly proportional to the company you are in at that point in time. Also if you feel you have not been in the right energy off late, immediately check your company and possibly change your circle as fast as you can.

4. Reading: Now I know most of them would think, they are not the people who read books at all. But trust me, one has to adapt a taste to read. Once you do, you open doors to a vast set of knowledge and perspective. It amazes me the amount of experiences that people have been through has been put into words so beautifully. It’s a world of words that can change your life literally.

5. Listening more: Everyone has opinions and communication these days have become competitive, everyone wants to be ready with their set of answers and their set of opinions. Where one is only listening to answer back and not willing to actually listen to the perspective of the other person. It is very very important to listen before we speak. When you give an ear to someone’s thought would someone be open to listening to you. It works like respect, you never ask for it, you need to respect people first to get respected. In a conversation, the one who listens to understand would be able to share a favorable and relevant response, as well as has a vast chance of learning new perspectives.

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