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What do you do when you are at your lowest point? Have you observed your pattern when you are off because of a bad day at work or in your personal life? Emotions are needed to be felt, however, what each needs is to get away with the odd feeling so that one can find ways and means to feel better.

I think that people ought to feel their lows in order to appreciate their highs. Also, one needs to know why are they feel in a certain manner to be able to understand themselves more. It, therefore, becomes easy to understand why one has been reacting or feeling in a certain manner. Mind and heart perceive every information differently and hence everyone responds to it differently.

Learn to have a composed reaction to everything that you experience, of course, this would happen through practice. However, do not stop yourself from experiencing and expressing what you are feeling. There is a reason why we experience emotions

Everyone is going through their ups and downs, it is a pattern in everyone’s life. The point is how you behave at your lows and how much it affects you.

It is important to be able to reach a state of composure and to be able to manage yourself when you are in the midst of getting over your low and moving towards your normal state. If you are taking days to get back to a positive state of mind then you need to practice changing your focus and be aware of your thoughts.

There is a vast difference between when you control your thoughts and when your thoughts control you. Do not let the mind control what you need to think, train your mind to think differently and you will be astonished by the results. You may have heard this a lot of times — “Our mind is an excellent slave but a bad master.”

Why operate your energy to a lower frequency when you have the power to operate at a higher frequency and attract all the good things that you want and deserve.

Your quality of thoughts define your quality of life.

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