Are You Creating More Than You Consume???

What I mean to refer to here is that we often are consuming so much of the information around us that we are merely taking any notice of what it is trying to teach us. Knowledge is only made of appropriate use when it is implemented otherwise, a knowledge that is neither exchanged nor implemented just stays as information that one has.

Everyone today is so busy that when they want to take a break or move their mind from their routine often find social media, video games, movies, etc as their favorite pass time or unwinding weapon. There are very few who choose to sketch, playing an instrument, writing, etc as their go-to stress buster. People have stopped creating. They only consume what is around them and that is just what it is.

Somewhere creativity has lost its importance I would say because the idea of passing time has a different meaning altogether.

The mind is the most important they say, but I think that mind needs to be trained by you. Everything that needs to be perfected requires thorough practice and so does the mind.

Be aware of what you are doing and you will know how much time you are spending doing something which has no productive outcome. If you choose your tasks wisely and have a timeline, there is much more you can do with the time at hand. Otherwise, you will only complain about not having enough time.

We are built to be creative and we need to explore our creative side to be able to tap the yet unknown.

Healthcare marketer likes to Explore, Dream, Discover.. (will have to publish a detailed one to describe me)