Of all the instances that have happened in your life, there may have been that one small instance that you witnessed and boom before you notice your life changed 360 degree. Life is unpredictable, beautiful, massive and always giving.

If you can think about one thing that happened in your life that changed something massive what would that instance be? Have you ever looked back to see what made your life take a major turn.

There are so many turns in our life that happen, some we take deliberately and some happen without us even noticing.
There will always be certain…

Ever had a feeling that you spoke too much of unwanted words which you never really meant and that what you meant you never said.

Happens, and I really do not know if I should let it pass or regret it. However, what I realised is that the moment you are aware of the fact that you have over or under communicated just be honest and let the person know. After all we are humans, we all make mistakes.

The brave ones are those who recognise their mistakes and own them to an extent of finding a solution to make…

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Have you ever watched yourself think? Thinking is very involuntary most of the time one gets consumed in the thoughts not aware of where it’s taking them. However, what you think deeply is what matters the most, it brings out the kind of person one is. The outer world may not know this side of your thought process because it is only for you.

However, there is no harm in analyzing what kind of thought captivates your mind, it gets your attention all the time, and which keeps you away from what is happening in your surrounding. I personally love…

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Often, do you wonder what goes through your mind when you procrastinate? When you procrastinate over following something or getting something done or committing to a task, you are constantly focusing on not wanting to do the task and there is a reason why you do so.

Ever tried to find out the reason?

There is always a reason why you do something and why you don’t do something. Something that you love doing, you will certainly find time to do despite your busy schedule. …

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Everyone has a unique story and has their set of experiences in their journey. If you look closely you are actually playing your part without realizing you are also a part of someone else’s story. In short, lives are interlinked.

Imagine your life without some of the closest people, also, think if they can imagine their lives without you. The answer would be rather difficult to think and we barely want to comprehend our otherwise simple but complex journeys.

Sometimes, unknowingly, some people become an integral part of our life and change everything around us and few small instances become…

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We have always been fascinated by the next opportunity, the next big break, the next steps, and the next achievement. But sometimes I think if we’re thinking way ahead and losing the opportunity of enjoying our today.

We tend to think about tomorrow, if you don’t believe me let me give you an example. Think how you feel on a Friday evening when you are just about to get into your weekend and then think about how you feel on Sunday early evening (talking about the Monday blues creeping in). Or think about your mood the previous evening just before…

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We often tend to react swiftly, let’s just say that we are quite unaware of how much weight our reactions have until we unknowingly hurt someone with one of these impulsive responses.

We do know that sometimes we do not have control on our own reactions, but barely are aware and cautious of the same.

Imagine some one joking about something which you are very sensitive about, you’d feel hurt right. Though people do not vocalize it up front as they may also know it was not meant the way it was said, however, at the same time when people…

We all have our mood swings good, bad, and ugly. Sometimes we do know why they exist and sometimes we ourselves don’t figure out why are we behaving in a particular manner. In fact, we also voice it out to ourselves “Why am I behaving like that, this is so not me”.

Often we fail to understand ourselves and we wish we knew how to tackle our mood in those times. It's very ironic that these are the times we wish others understood us, and this is where we expect too much from the outer world.

It is good to…

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We all wait for that perfect time always. Let’s say for example I will start exercising once my routine gets a bit easy; I will start waking up early from next month onward; I will start saving up once I start earning say an “X amount”. But none knows when would that perfect time arrive, and also once it does your wants change, you look forward to a different excuse altogether. This is a vicious circle, it will never end until we put an end to it.

Most of the time we are scared to do what we want because…

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Did anyone ask you this question before? If you ever had to define your ideal life what would it be like and who do you want to be around.

At some point, everyone has imagined what they want or what they wouldn’t want as a part of their routine in bits and pieces. You’ve always gone about having this thought and forgetting about it. And trust me, the problem is not wanting the best of what we can; but it lies in forgetting about what we want.

Routines are so set that you tend to get comfortable in your own…

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