We all have our mood swings good, bad, and ugly. Sometimes we do know why they exist and sometimes we ourselves don’t figure out why are we behaving in a particular manner. In fact, we also voice it out to ourselves “Why am I behaving like that, this is so not me”.

Often we fail to understand ourselves and we wish we knew how to tackle our mood in those times. It's very ironic that these are the times we wish others understood us, and this is where we expect too much from the outer world.

It is good to…

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We all wait for that perfect time always. Let’s say for example I will start exercising once my routine gets a bit easy; I will start waking up early from next month onward; I will start saving up once I start earning say an “X amount”. But none knows when would that perfect time arrive, and also once it does your wants change, you look forward to a different excuse altogether. This is a vicious circle, it will never end until we put an end to it.

Most of the time we are scared to do what we want because…

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Did anyone ask you this question before? If you ever had to define your ideal life what would it be like and who do you want to be around.

At some point, everyone has imagined what they want or what they wouldn’t want as a part of their routine in bits and pieces. You’ve always gone about having this thought and forgetting about it. And trust me, the problem is not wanting the best of what we can; but it lies in forgetting about what we want.

Routines are so set that you tend to get comfortable in your own…

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What does loving unconditionally actually mean? It means that a person loves someone without expectation. It means that whether or not the opposite person feels the same way, one continues to give without wanting anything in return.

But does such love exist in today’s world? Well, it absolutely does exist, however, the “UNCONDITIONAL” is losing its value cuz it’s been used rather cheaply by people without realizing its worth.

The purest form of unconditional love is of the mother and the child, where the mother does not expect anything in return and continues to give her unwavering attention, love, and…

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Communication is an important tool, one needs to know how to communicate clearly. Words can say a lot and one needs to be very careful while they choose what they say and ensure that they’re putting across what they feel.

It’s amazing what a conversation can do, it can build a relationship for life or it can loosen a bond. However, people communicate more to manage perceptions than make others understand their true selves.

When you ensure that you are honest in what you speak, and the intent is right the opposite person will get the energy and trust in…

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Do you control your thoughts or your thoughts control you (read that again) People are full of emotions some know how to emote and some make a failed attempt to control them.

However most of the time everyone seems more flummoxed on how one needs to react to a particular situation or how one can be in control of themselves.

Firstly, understand that, be it good or bad emotion both are meant to be felt. Not necessarily one needs to react to them, but one needs to be definitely aware of how certain things make them feel. Second of all…

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Well, I call it a power of decision-making because it is definitely a POWER that we possess. One doesn't realize the impact that a decision could make in our life. We all keep making small and big decisions every day, which unknowingly may bring about a major change or shift in our lives.

Today, whatever we are and wherever we are is the result of the decisions that we’ve made over the period of time, these decisions may have compelled us to make necessary changes in our life, where some changes were swiftly made and some really took time for…

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It is very important to be very clear about everything that you do, perceive or plan to achieve. Without clarity moving ahead becomes baseless. Would you ever leave your house without knowing why are you stepping out? Or would you call for food without knowing what you want to order? You wouldn’t right! Then why do we lead our lives without having clarity of thoughts? Did you ever think about it?

Often, we go by our day just finishing our daily work and get lost in our routines for days and weeks together not knowing where are we heading towards…

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What do you do when you are at your lowest point? Have you observed your pattern when you are off because of a bad day at work or in your personal life? Emotions are needed to be felt, however, what each needs is to get away with the odd feeling so that one can find ways and means to feel better.

I think that people ought to feel their lows in order to appreciate their highs. Also, one needs to know why are they feel in a certain manner to be able to understand themselves more. It, therefore, becomes easy…

Your current state of mind determines the quality of your day. Often everyone is driven by their current mental state, but no one tries to maintain a happy state of mind. Instead of the circumstances driving our mind, we need to train our mind to be composed and detached.

I have learned this word somewhere “Demotional” which means detached from emotions. One has to practice being practical most of the time. It is very easy to make emotion-based decisions in life. …

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